At the moment, the primary mission of Lost Nomad as a pop-up brewery is to gain valuable feedback and secondarily to become profitable. Breweries are a money furnace when they start up, and feedback on the concept before opening a brick and mortar in the US is more valuable than any revenue generated to pay back the cost of ingredients. So let us know what you think!


Monday - Thursday: 5 - 7pm (Happy Hour)

Friday & Saturdays: Noon - 7pm

Sundays: Closed

Stop by on your way home, hold meetings in the tap room, or inquire about having us bring our jockeybox to your private event!


At this stage in the brewery’s existence, feedback > profitability. No one is required to pay. If you choose to do so, all beers are $5 a pint regardless of the ABV (we’re small enough to get away with that from an operations perspective). That puts the brewery on a path to recoup COGS by the time we PCS.

Bonus: if you bring your Lost Nomad mug that you can purchase in the tap room, you get $1 off every pint. Yes, I really dislike doing dishes that much.


All you need to access the tap room is your embassy badge. Show that to the guard and walk around to the back door.

What this also means is feel free to bring anyone who’s acknowledged as a diplomat in-country as well. While Lost Nomad can’t serve locals, we can serve anyone in the diplomatic community. Keep in mind: this can go away real fast so there’s a lot of trust the brewery is placing in the Local Nomads—vet your guests and let’s have a great time. Enough on that.


There’s actually only one rule: feel free to take as many pics of the brewery (or your great looking bartender) as you want, but please don’t geo-tag or mention the location if posting to social media. We’re threading a lot of needles and I don’t want to flaunt the situation or draw unnecessary attention. Just round up and refer to the location as West Africa.


If you made it this far, thanks for being part of the brewery! I’m building out the beers as fast as the yeast will go. Keep an eye out for new additions, collaborations, and experiments.

  • Ask for swag in the tap room! We have a lot to give away: key chains, koozies, pins, stickers, etc.
  • There’s more merch available in the online store. I make almost $0 on all sales— what matters to me is allowing folks to be part of the brewery’s journey.
  • Guest wifi is available in the tap room, just ask. I value privacy so enjoy the ad- free web browsing as well.

I hope you all enjoy the beers, I brewed them for you!